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Members I am banned on this server esva playing Bedwars and seconds later I was banned. I want to be unbanned. What do I do?
Hallo, ich wollte fragen ob Sie mir vielleicht mein Geburtsdatum von 2001 zu 2007 ändern könnten? Habe mich nämlich verschrieben, wäre super lieb, und einen Angenehmen Abend!
1 vs 1 sonic map looks like Sonic 2 second first level and statures of tails and sonic both on other sides from enemies and on top off the hills is your Bed its everything you need to know !
My minecraft name is MainlyUnfuny and I was banned for no reason at all 8 days ago. You banned me because you thought I was cheating, when I wasn’t at all. I was drag clicking.I filled out an unban request, and they accepted it. A week ago, they said they will shorten my ban in five days. But, it’s been more than five days, and it hasn’t been shorten. I really just want to be unbanned because there’s no reason at all
hi iam caloricamir i was loagging so much and i was breaking things and when the lags is gone i got banned cuz bug using and i am on the leadboard#1 i cant wait 3 days until the ban is open cuz they wil be more than me winning so can u just plz unban me plz