SimplyPro YT

9 Juli 2021
Hey Rushnation, i amSimplyPro, a Minecraft Bedrock Edition content creator on a platform named Tiktok. I have over 14,000 followers and post content involving your server, and i am planning on continueing to do so. I am also currently 3rd place on your monthly leaderboard which clearly shows you I play basically everyday on the server. But I have 1 major problem.
There is no way for us tiktokers to use the nicktool (/nickname /nick) so we don't get spammed in chat all day and the fact I am on leaderboard doesn't help the spam at all as expected, it makes it worse. I do like the players on the server a lot but sometimes you just want to relax without being mentioned in chat all the time. Im not really here to beg for a rank at all but its nessasary. You could give me a rank so i can nick for example Premium+ or Youtube rank (I've seen some servers give youtube rank to players with a fan base other than youtube just so they can nick but you dont have to since there are other options.) I have an alt account but it was obviouse i was on an alt so everyone knew it was me so that never worked but Im sure your team could help me. Also please dont tell me to tell my followers to subscribe to my youtube so i can get youtube rank because it does not really work like that, although it sounds like a good idea, its not ideal, my follwers are here for tiktoks not youtube so it would not work, i have tried before :(
If you could find out if it is possible for me to nick that would be helpful thanks. Have a great day :D

My in game username is: SimplyPro YT
My tiktok page: SimplyPro


24 Nov. 2021
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