OFFICIAL Requirements for the YouTuber Rank

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30 März 2020
The YouTuber Rank is an exclusive rank on the network. Only selected players are allowed to have it.
It is intended as a thank you for the player who promotes the server in the form of videos on the network.

  • All rights of the Ultra-Rang's
  • Purple Nametag (YouTuber : <YOUR NAME>)
  • Larger Partys
  • [Discord] You will be invited to YT events
  • [Discord] You get access to the #youtube-channel

  • 1000 Subscribers
  • On each video at least 450 video views
  • Very high profile in the Pocket Edition scene
  • Content on the Minecraft network RushNation.NET
  • Positive appearance (e.g. few bans, mutes)
  • Sufficient activity in the form of videos on RushNation.NET

Whether the Youtuber receives the respective rank is decided in each case INDIVIDUALLY. Just because a Youtuber has reached the number of subscriptions and click numbers does NOT mean that he automatically gets the corresponding rank. Especially not if they are bought or not genuine (botting). We will evaluate each channel INDIVIDUALLY! There is no guarantee for this rank. If the request was rejected, the next request will be considered only after 3 weeks.

We reserve the right to withdraw the rank should the requirements no longer be met.

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