OFFICIAL Procedure of a supporter application

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12 Apr. 2020
Dear players,

We made some changes to the supporter application process and are happy to present them to you today.
All application phases & further updates will always be announced on our Discord. We wish you good luck! ♥

What is the application process for a job application anyway?.

1. You write an application at the following link: CLICK

2. We will process your application within a maximum of 7 days. Most of the time, we only need a few days though.

3. If we like your application, we will invite you for an interview and ask you some questions
about your person & some questions about the rules. After that we will describe you some situations you might encounter as a supporter
and you will have to make some decisions. If this goes well so far, you will have to complete the RAS (RushNation Application System).
There you have to watch some videos and make some decisions as well.

4.Immediately after the interview you will receive an answer from us whether you have made it or not.
If you did not make it, you can apply again in two weeks at the 1st attempt.

5. If everything has gone well so far, we will invite you to a small interview once again and there you will be tested based on your practical skills.
This part is divided into exactly 3 subparts:

5a. We will first test how you behave as a test supporter on our Discord for 3 days. During this time you will have to handle tickets, the voice support channel and help players with their questions. You do not have any ban rights, but you can punish players with a mute. In case you have questions, you have a direct contact person and your own channel in which you can easily ask the team your question or concern.

5b. Afterwards we will test how you cope with the Test-Supporter rank ingame for another 3 days. During this time you have to prove your knowledge once again. You will deal with almost everything a supporter does. Just like on the Discord, you have the normal rights of a supporter (except ban/unban). Otherwise it is your job to help the players & punish rule violators.

5c. If the previous listed parts went well, you will receive the "normal" supporter rank and you start as an official team member with us.
In your test phase you will often be looked over your shoulder and you will get a contact person who will take you by the hand at the beginning and show you everything including incorporating you into our systems.
The trial period can vary from 2-4 weeks.

6.Once your trial period is over, you will be a full worthy team member of the RushNation network.

We know this will be a long road ahead for you, but we want to offer our players excellent support, why we pay special attention to who joins our team.
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